About the Party

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16, wolf clan, tiefling, paladin

Laika was found wandering the forest of Estra as a child and was adopted by a pack of wolves. When she turned 17, she made an oath to Fenrir to protect all wolves as a paladin.

As a tiefling who was sequestered away for most of her life, she finds humans particularly fascinating, and is especially fond of bards and music as she likes to howl along.

Her best friend is Gingie, her wolf companion.




17, crow clan, human, druid

Corbin was found in the woods by the Crow Clan when he was but a young naked babe. Despite his strange featherless body and human arms, he fit right in, and was chosen to become the Crow Clan Guardian to the Goddess.

Corbin is sensitive, subject to fits of emotional outburst, and loves and relates deeply to 'birds with arms' memes. When he’s not protecting the Goddess, or training with his fellow guardians, Corbin likes to roam the forests of Estra in various animal forms looking for weirdly shaped twigs.

He is also plagued by dreams of fiery death and destruction, but who isn’t?


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17, deer clan, watersoul genasi, wizard

Watersoul Genasi aren't common on Estra, which makes sense, given that there isn't much free-range water on an island floating in the air. Fra'Nika, as such, is dissatisfied in all the ways you might expect.

Fran has spent her 17 years training for guardianship, resenting everyone around her, and being generally pissed off. The only person she's ever felt truly connected to was her deer clan mentor, Alonia, who recently passed away.

Her life aspirations currently include: seeing an ocean, living in that ocean, never leaving that ocean, and falling in love.



Slake coming soon!



...and sometimes the Goddess

16, human, goddess of estra

The Goddess has lived for thousands of years protecting the island of Estra, continually reincarnated into the bodies of her daughters to keep aloft the last sanctuary of mortals in the world. She's kind of a dork.