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Would you prefer to read along?

We now have transcripts for the first few episodes!


FIRST, If you don’t know how to play D&D...

listen to our 'How to Play Dungeons and Dragons' primer
It should be the second posted track, (possibly second from the bottom,) entitled 'How to Play Dungeons and Dragons.'


Then choose one of the following...

listen to the story with no interruptions
Skip any episode that doesn't start with an episode number followed by an arc title. e.g. 01. Festival of Lights (Part 1)

skip ahead in the story with short arc recaps
After the conclusion of each arc of our story, we summarize the arc in a short recap, so you can skip ahead or refresh your memory on major plot points.

only listen to bonus episodes
Labeled "Bonus Episode: [name]", these can be found between arcs and include Q&A's, lore vignettes, crossovers, and more. Make sure to subscribe to our Patreon for even more exclusive bonus episodes!

listen to deleted scenes and goofs
Outtakes from our first Arc are publicly available here: Arc 1
Our Patreon also includes even more exclusive clips and content!

listen to all episodes, recaps, and bonus content in the order posted
Just blaze on through, my dude.


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