Fun Stuff


Want to connect with other Dames fans on Discord? Look no further! Discuss Dames, chat about D&D, make friends, and occasionally catch a glimpse of a cast member phasing in and out of existence.

Check out amazing works of art done by our fans, here! Making and sharing these works really helps spread the word about our podcast, and it also lights up our lives like nothing else on this earth.

Listen to music mixes made to represent our characters and story!

Hear a song you liked on Dames & Dragons? Noel composes all the music herself, so you can buy (and stream) it on her Bandcamp page!

Access and help create written transcripts of Dames & Dragons audio content!

Read and help complete the incredible Dames & Dragons Wiki! It provides detailed and hilarious information on the plot, the characters, the settings, and the creators!