About the Cast


The Dames and the Dragons connected at a high school for artistic youngsters. For a time, each ruled their own corner of the school grounds, spying and colluding against the others in desperate bids for power. However, after several bloody civil wars decimated the student population they ultimately decided to become the best of friends rather than risk mutually assured destruction. They were each born holding a different first edition volume of classic fantasy fiction, and have become enamored with Dungeons and Dragons in more recent years. In the year of our lord 2016, they decided to create a podcast together.



your dm, she/her
Twitter: @kazzbotz

Kat is just like a normal dude. Just a regular guy. Just likes to do regular stuff that a normal dude would do. Y'know, like cooking, baking, writing stories, and running DnD campaigns.

Sometimes she does other regular guy things, like learning to use a medieval broadsword, and leading hungry bears away from vulnerable frontier settlements.

Just like any normal dude.

Kat is the Dungeon Master on Dames & Dragons. She creates the characters that populate the world, and the story that takes place within it!



plays fran, SHE/HER
Twitter: @noelshiri
Bandcamp: Noel Shiri

In between all the time she spends stopping crime and rescuing babies from burning buildings, Noel makes music, writes stories, watches movies, works with special needs adults, and goes to college.

She also spends a fair amount of time pondering the secrets of the universe and just generally having one existential crisis after another.

On Dames & Dragons, she plays Fran, does the sound editing, and composes the music.



Plays Corbin, ANY/ALL pronouns
Twitter: @snakestry
Tumblr: @snakestry

Kaitlin is one of several hundred extra-terrestrials living on planet earth in secrecy from the human race. She has perfected the arts of speaking and normal gestures, but admittedly has some trouble pronouncing the word “measure."

Her favorite species on planet Earth is dogs, and she greatly enjoys the human entertainment franchise Star Wars.

On Dames & Dragons Kaitlin plays Corbin, the crow clan guardian. She also draws character art and does design work.



Plays Slake, They/she
Twitter: @thistlebeetle
Instagram: @Thistlebeetle

Hannah can only be summoned from beyond the veil if you say their full name three times, but they’d prefer it if you would just text. She uses they and she pronouns interchangeably, spends a lot of time in libraries lately, and has never killed anyone. Oh, also her main thing is that she’s a freelance illustrator who’s intensely fixated on folklore. And Halloween.

Hannah plays Slake on Dames & Dragons, as well as working on some secret visual projects that will soon be revealed to the pure of heart.



Plays Laika, SHE/HER

Sophia was raised by wolves deep in the wild wilds of Minnesota.

She enjoys chilling with dogs, watching horror movies, collecting cool rocks, and jumping over benches while shouting PARKOUR!

On Dames & Dragons Sophia plays Laika of the wolf clan, and draws icons, album, and banner art for the podcast!



Sleeper Agent, SHE/HER

Unknown origins. Unknown challenge rating. Unknown loyalty. A friend of the cast who can’t be trusted to fulfill her mission of listening to this podcast without frequent reminders.